the bitcoin family

Have You Met the Bitcoin Family?

You may have heard of them: The Bitcoin Family. These rolling stones have been gathering quite a lot of press attention since they hit...
image of bitcoin coin over an image with people on the bus

The Bit Bus: The Crypto Way of Travelling To Bitcoin 2019 Conference

A group of crypto enthusiasts decided to travel to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in an interesting way. And while en route, to also raise...

Korean Crypto Exchanges Now Liable for Some Customers’ Financial Losses

There is some risk in crypto. That comes in terms of financial risk as well as security risks. Cryptocurrencies are very secure for individuals...
germany plans to regulate blockchain bonds this summer

Germany Plans to Regulate Blockchain Bonds as Early as This Summer

Germany is one of the leading economies in the European Union. Now, it wants to become the hotspot for blockchain companies and token trading....
Notre Dame and Bitcoin

Rebuilding Notre Dame with Cryptocurrency

A fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last week gutted much of the structure and caused significant damage. However, the stone work...
Unchain cryptocurrency conference Berlin 2019

One of the World’s Most Important Cryptocurrency Conferences Is Coming to Berlin

UNCHAIN is one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences in the world and it’s coming to Berlin, Germany. It’s also one of the smallest....
Bitcoin over Venezuelan currency bolívar

Venezuelan Economist Writes about How Bitcoin Saved His Family

Venezuelan economist, Carlos Hernández, wrote an op-ed about the importance of cryptocurrency in a volatile economy. The article, published in the New York Times...
Rio Carnival Includes Bitcoin in Social Commentary on Money

Rio Carnival Includes Bitcoin in Social Commentary on Money

The unique Brazilian Carnival held every year in Rio is going to feature Bitcoin this year. That is exciting in itself. However, the context...
Upper Belverdere Palace in Vienna, Austria with the concept of blockchain technology

Vienna Is Home to the Largest Blockchain Competence Centre

Vienna is known for its beautiful architecture and the waltz music composed by the Strauss family. While still proud of its tradition, the capital...
Ethereum logo with two arrows for Constantinople fork

Constantinople Fork of Ethereum Network Postponed

The long-awaited Constantinople fork of the Ethereum network has been delayed due to potential security issues identified by ChainSecurity. An innovation of the Constantinople...