flexa - platform for everyday cryptocurrency purchases

Flexa: The Platform for Everyday Cryptocurrency Purchases

One of the biggest obstacles to cryptocurrency adoption is the fact that not too many retailers currently accept it. Crypto enthusiasts dream...
blockchain concept

Argo Blockchain and HIVE Blockchain Partner to Create the Largest B2B Mining Service

The "world's largest" crypto mining service for business-to-business companies will be available in the near future. This ambitious project is the scope...
germany plans to regulate blockchain bonds this summer

Germany Plans to Regulate Blockchain Bonds as Early as This Summer

Germany is one of the leading economies in the European Union. Now, it wants to become the hotspot for blockchain companies and...
Golden bitcoin (cryptocurrency) in hand of businesswoman.

Fidelity Survey: Institutional Digital Assets Investments Will Grow in the Next 5 Years

Digital assets will feature higher in the investment portfolio of various institutional investors. These are the findings of a recent survey by...
nike shop with logo

Nike Files Trademark for New Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are a way of monetising the completion of complex formulas. Theoretically, just about anything that is currently done in the computer...
Moon - shop amazon with cryptocurrency

The Browser Extension That Lets You Shop Amazon with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital word. It takes place on our computers and online. Increasingly, shopping is moving into that digital sphere. We...

UK’s Corporate Traveller Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have taken one more step into the business world. SME business travellers in the UK have a...
Opera browser crypto wallet

Opera Reborn 3 – the First Major Browser with Built-In Crypto Wallet

Browsing and checking your crypto wallet might be easier once you install Opera Reborn 3. The latest version of the browser incorporates...
bitcoin chart

Bitcoin Price Goes 20% Up as a Result of Massive Order by Mystery Investor

After nearly half a year of little variation in prices, Bitcoin has suddenly surged to US$5,000 on 2 April. This represents a...
Unchain cryptocurrency conference Berlin 2019

One of the World’s Most Important Cryptocurrency Conferences Is Coming to Berlin

UNCHAIN is one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences in the world and it’s coming to Berlin, Germany. It’s also one of...