A group of crypto enthusiasts decided to travel to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in an interesting way. And while en route, to also raise awareness about the topic. They chartered a bus and named it the Crypto Bit Bus. A luxury bus with 50 seats departs Los Angeles today, June 24. On their way to San Francisco, the group will talk crypto, network, create some content, do some livestreams and get to know each other better. The bus will take the participants to the conference in San Francisco, to a special night out and then back to LA.

Strengthening the Crypto Community

The organisers hope to help people understand what cryptocurrencies are about. While many people know that crypto is not stable, they do not understand the benefits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are not aware that digital assets can be a solution for nations whose fiat currencies are severely devalued, for instance.

Shea Newkirk, who organised the Crypto Bit Bus trip, said in a press release:

We put this trip together to help connect the local Bitcoin community in LA as well as create more awareness for Bitcoin in general.

The Crypto Bit Bus arrives in San Francisco in the evening, but the crypto hangout doesn’t end there. After one night at the Americania Hotel, the group will go to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference together.

Making Bitcoin Fun Again

In order to include the conference ticket in the round-trip travel on the crypto bus, the trip organisers partnered with the Bitcoin 2019 conference.

Our goal for the Bitcoin 2019 conference is to make Bitcoin fun again. The Bit Bus idea fits perfectly with that mantra, so when the team came to us with the concept we were excited to participate! If I wasn’t organizing the conference I’d be flying into LA and riding the Bit Bus too! said David Bailey, the conference founder.

Also, to make the presence of the Crypto Bit Bus stand out, the organisers wrapped it in bright Bitcoin orange. Thus, they hope to promote the true spirit of cryptocurrencies: liberating, modern and exciting.

About the Bitcoin 2019 Conference

As mentioned, the final destination of the Crypto Bit Bus is the Bitcoin 2019 Conference. It is an annual meet-up, exposition, and festival for crypto enthusiasts.

They come together to share their views for the future of cryptocurrencies, but also their concerns and hurdles that stand between Bitcoin and large scale adoption.

Some of the industry experts who will attend this year’s edition of Bitcoin conference are for example Aaron Voisine, co-founder and president of BRD, Alex Adelman, engineer at Lolli, as well as Daniel Buchner, head of Decentralized Identity at Microsoft. Among many interesting speakers, attendees will also get a chance to hear Max Keiser, Tim Draper, Lyn Ulbricht, CEO of Free Ross Ulbricht, as well as Edward Snowden.

This year’s conference is taking place at SVN West in San Francisco, June 25-26.