A fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last week gutted much of the structure and caused significant damage. However, the stone work and most of the priceless stained glass is largely intact. French President Emmanuel Macron has said that the iconic structure will be completely renovated within five years. However, cost estimates of that renovation vary. All of them are high.

A number of individuals and organisations – most with some connection to the building – have made donations. Examples include Ubisoft, donating over a half-million dollars and models of the structure used in the game “Assassin’s Creed Unity.”

Other groups and individuals are trying to make donations easier for the public. How? Cryptocurrency, of course.

Just two days ago, Bloomberg reported that it would “soon be possible” to donate to the cause with cryptocurrency. It’s now possible.

“Our Lady of Crypto”

Notre-Dame des Crypto is a collaboration between a cryptocurrency journalist and an entrepreneur. The group is also working with Le Cercle du Coin, a global cryptocurrency association based in France. They hope to rebuild “block by block” and are currently accepting donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The group arguably has a double-prerogative. They also hope to illustrate the social value of crypto by raising the digital donations. One could ask if this is taking advantage of the disaster to raise awareness. However, no one questions the good that they are doing. So far, the organisation has raised around £1,000 (0.23833 BTC and 0.3288 ETH).

Organizer: Grégory Raymond

Grégory Raymond is a French journalist. In many ways he was the beginning of Notre Dame des Crypto. He created the twitter page and the slogan “Let’s re-build block by block together.” He also tweeted out the first code to a wallet for cryptocurrency donors. Raymond also points out on his own twitter that the wallet requires multiple signatures. Accessing the funds requires signatures from a sort of board of directors of the group.

Raymond is a writer for the French business magazine Capital and host of the 21 Millions podcast.

Partner: Le Cercle du Coin

Le Cercle du Coin is a French non-profit organisation for decentralisation without disunion. The group seeks to educate on and promote Bitcoin, decentralised currencies, and blockchain.

They work with a number of coin exchanges and organizations, as well as news organisations.

Partner: David Princay

David Princay is a partner in the group Maslow Capital Partners. The organisation provides information and resources to business owners expanding the emerging Energy and Digital driven global economy.

Princay is also CEO of Cryptologiste, an investment firm interested in cryptocurrency markets.

Millions of dollars have already been donated by the “conventionally wealthy”. Now, groups like Notre Dame des Crypto are opening the doors to smaller contributions. Perhaps more importantly, they also make it easier for people from around the world to donate without converting currencies.