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Study: Illicit Users Account for 2% of Bitcoin Use

We all know that people can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - and they sometimes do - for illicit transactions. That accounts for things like...
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Over Four Fifths of the World’s Bitcoin Have Been Mined

As a digital currency, it seems like Bitcoin would never run out. However, it won’t last forever. In fact, 85 per cent has already...
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Bitcoin: The Halving (Volume 3)

Bitcoin is scheduled to halve next year. If you’re new to the scene, that might sound scary as you may have heard the prices...
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Have You Met the Bitcoin Family?

You may have heard of them: The Bitcoin Family. These rolling stones have been gathering quite a lot of press attention since they hit...
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The Bit Bus: The Crypto Way of Travelling To Bitcoin 2019 Conference

A group of crypto enthusiasts decided to travel to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in an interesting way. And while en route, to also raise...

Korean Crypto Exchanges Now Liable for Some Customers’ Financial Losses

There is some risk in crypto. That comes in terms of financial risk as well as security risks. Cryptocurrencies are very secure for individuals...
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Shop Online and Get Free Bitcoin with Lolli

Do you shop online? Are you interested in crypto? What if, online retailers gave you Bitcoin when you shopped online? It turns out that...
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Chief Economist at the Bank of England Says Bitcoin Could Replace Cash

Andrew Haldane, Bank of England’s (BoE) chief economist, shared a surprising personal opinion after giving a talk at one UK college. While answering various...
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Bitcoin Rallies During US-China Trade War

Stocks tumbled earlier this week as the US-China trade war escalated again. Meanwhile, Bitcoin continued the climb that started earlier this spring. CNBC initially...
Two gold bitcoins lie on the green surface on the background of the display, which depicts the growth of the position on the chart

Crypto Expert Tom Lee on Bitcoin: “Evidence Is Mounting That There Is a Bull...

Tom Lee, finance expert and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, has good news for Bitcoin enthusiasts. He believes that the crypto winter...