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The Mere Existence of Cryptocurrency is Good for Everyone

According to a new study conducted by an international body of researchers, the existence of Bitcoin is good for everyone. That includes people who...
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The Future of Stablecoins: Returning Utility to the Crypto Market

The future of stablecoins isn’t really about stablecoins, but cryptocurrency as a whole. The ebb and flow of the cryptocurrency market continues to be...
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Great Bitcoin Stories from Around the Internet

The internet is full of educational content when it comes to Bitcoin. From news sites to blogs and articles on markets and speculation. The internet,...

Bitcoin Ranked Higher than South Korea’s National Currency in New Study

An interesting new statistic entered the cryptoverse recently. Bitcoin is the eleventh largest monetary system, putting it just above South Korea. The podcast Crypto Voices...
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Study: Illicit Users Account for 2% of Bitcoin Use

We all know that people can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - and they sometimes do - for illicit transactions. That accounts for things like...
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Over Four Fifths of the World’s Bitcoin Have Been Mined

As a digital currency, it seems like Bitcoin would never run out. However, it won’t last forever. In fact, 85 per cent has already...
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Keeping the Homeless in Brazil Warm with Cryptocurrency

One of the major strengths of cryptocurrency is its transparency and decentralised nature. It’s easy to trace cryptocurrency transactions and multi-national projects can use...
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Hodl onto Energy with Crypto Beverages

Crypto is a form of currency but it’s also a way of life. Zealots put the logo of their favourite coin on clothing, wall...
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Could Algorithms Forecast the Value of Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Further, in part because of their decentralisation, it can be very difficult to determine what makes crypto “tick”. One theory has...
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New Report Sheds Light on Institutional Investment in Cryptocurrencies

We’ve known for a while that institutional investors like banks and investment firms were looking at cryptocurrencies. Some people even think that this move...