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Study: Illicit Users Account for 2% of Bitcoin Use

We all know that people can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - and they sometimes do - for illicit transactions. That accounts for things like...
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Could Algorithms Forecast the Value of Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Further, in part because of their decentralisation, it can be very difficult to determine what makes crypto “tick”. One theory has...
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New Report Sheds Light on Institutional Investment in Cryptocurrencies

We’ve known for a while that institutional investors like banks and investment firms were looking at cryptocurrencies. Some people even think that this move...
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Nigel Green: Cryptocurrency Could Save the UK’s Post-Brexit Economy

Nigel Green, CEO of financial advisory firm deVere Group, recently said that cryptocurrency could save the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit economy. His position, shared in an...
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Argo Blockchain and HIVE Blockchain Partner to Create the Largest B2B Mining Service

The "world's largest" crypto mining service for business-to-business companies will be available in the near future. This ambitious project is the scope of a...
germany plans to regulate blockchain bonds this summer

Germany Plans to Regulate Blockchain Bonds as Early as This Summer

Germany is one of the leading economies in the European Union. Now, it wants to become the hotspot for blockchain companies and token trading....
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Bitcoin Rallies During US-China Trade War

Stocks tumbled earlier this week as the US-China trade war escalated again. Meanwhile, Bitcoin continued the climb that started earlier this spring. CNBC initially...
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Fidelity Survey: Institutional Digital Assets Investments Will Grow in the Next 5 Years

Digital assets will feature higher in the investment portfolio of various institutional investors. These are the findings of a recent survey by US-based Fidelity...
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The Rise of Digital Gold: Could Bitcoin Replace Gold?

In what feels like ancient history, money was made of gold. In more recent history, money simply represented gold. With countries increasingly moving off...
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Bitcoin Institutional Trading Experiences a Steady Growth According to Diar Report

Institutional Bitcoin investment products trading is on a constant growing path since the beginning of the year, according to a weekly crypto analysis newsletter,...