You may have heard of them: The Bitcoin Family. These rolling stones have been gathering quite a lot of press attention since they hit the road three years ago. But, who are they?

Meet the Bitcoin Family

Didi and Romaine Taihuttu were leading a fairly normal life in the Netherlands with their three children. In 2015 and 2016, both of Romaine’s parents passed away. This shocking memento-mori convinced them that they weren’t making enough of their lives. They sold everything that they had and hit the road.

Their blog, The Bitcoin Family, originally Yolo Family Travel, chronicles their adventures. Earlier posts focus mainly on their experiences travelling. They talk about where they go, what they do and where they stay in different places, and occasionally review gear that they use. The site was also a prime example of the “minimalism” movement. Blog posts focused on getting rid of things that you don’t need and how it can make you happier.

the bitcoin family
The Bitcoin Family; Source: The Bitcoin Family Instagram page

At some point in 2017, they started trying to make the website make money to help support them. They found some partners and invested in crypto.

The next step will be to invest all of the money that we receive for selling everything, in Bitcoins and hopefully they will become more [valuable] so we will have enough money for the basics like food, activities, and life! reads one September 2017 blog post. This way, we will kill two flies with one hit. We will all become less materialistic and hopefully, the bitcoins investment will provide us for basic needs in the future.

Life on Bitcoin

That post would prove to be a paradigm shift for the site. After that point, blog’s become more oriented towards how they use crypto in different places and how different countries handle crypto. The family also became diehard crypto advocates after what had initially been a financial decision.

Our belief is that we are part of a revolution of the monetary system and that currency as we know it will evolve to cryptocurrency, Didi wrote in an October 2017 blog post. We don’t think that we are alone in this movement and that more and more people are losing trust in the monetary system and the ones that rule it.

Didi and Andreas Antonopoulos
Didi and Andreas Antonopoulos; Source: The Bitcoin Family Instagram page

In a fascinating and tragic sense, the blog also follows the rise and fall of crypto.

We have some crypto which at the moment is worth 5 times more than when we started, Didi wrote on New Year’s Eve of 2017. But we also realize that it can be 5 times less as well.

Those playing the home game may recognise that this was when crypto was at its height. You may also recognise that it hit bottom weeks later in the infamous crypto winter which is just now thawing. During this period, blog posts stress “The reason why we need bitcoin,” and the importance of hodling. The family collaborated on Bitcoin documentaries and got into speculating the bull run that would end the crypto winter.

As of the family’s most recent post, they’re looking at tricking out a Bitcoin mobile so that they can combine their passions for travel and crypto. Their Sharing is Caring tour will also start soon.

Get to Know Them Better

Most of the people reading this have probably thought before about doing something like what this family did. Fortunately, for the rest of us, they document their activities and their philosophies. Only a few of their blogs have been quoted above – there is so much more on their site. They also maintain a YouTube channel.