Bitcoin gold coin against graph background on laptop screen

Traders Should Not Be Worried by Bitcoin Price Drop, Financial Specialist Advises

Some Bitcoin investors have been dismayed by the decision of Cboe BZX Exchange to withdraw the ETF application. This application fuelled great hopes for...
Jemma Green, President Nicolas Maduro and John McAfee in front of 2018 banner

The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Ugly: Looking Back at the Year in Bitcoin

2018 has been one hell of a year - so let’s look back on the top 10 moments of the Bitcoin universe. 1. Bitcoin Turns...
Japanese flag with a range of cryptocurrencies in front.

Do Japan’s New Regulations Signal the Death of Crypto Scams?

With its bullet trains, love of robots and elaborate talking toilets, Japan has often been an innovator when it comes to technology. Now, Japan...
Delorean car with Starbucks, NYSE, BCG and ICE logos.

Bakkt to the Future: a digital exchange in a physical world

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the operator of the New York Stock Exchange, confirmed the launch of its investor-grade cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt. Pending approval by...
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Legal Bitcoin Trade Massively Exceeds Illegal Use, According to US DEA

Bitcoin has officially left behind all negative connotations relating to its use for funding illegal and criminal activities. One of the most reputable authorities...
Tim Draper bitcoin price

Could Tim Draper’s $250K Bitcoin Price Prediction Come True?

Venture capitalist and angel investor Tim Draper predicted on 12 April that the Bitcoin price would reach US$250,000 by 2022. He announced his prediction...