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Crypto Browser Tenta Secures Funding from Joseph Lubin’s ConsenSys Ventures

Online privacy is an increasing concern for internet users worldwide. Between excessive advertising and data security issues, there is a growing demand for secure browsing. The most popular developers of browsers have started implementing various tools, such as ad-blocking and anti-tracking software. However, the Tenta crypto browser wants to create a new paradigm for safe and private browsing.

Using advanced encryption and support for blockchain protocols, it promises high level browsing privacy and security. These promises led to Ethereum co-founder, Joseph Lubin’s support of the Tenta crypto browser through his VC fund.

An Undisclosed Amount for the First Round of Funding

ConsenSys Ventured, the VC fund established by Lubin, participated in the first seed round launched by Tenta. Regarding this, the CEO of the crypto browser company, Jesse Adams, stated: We are thrilled to secure our first seed round from ConsenSys, a company that shares our values in helping to create a more secure internet that protects data instead of exploiting it.

ConsenSys Ventured has not offered further details on this funding. However, Tenta’s blog post specifies that the amount will be used to:

  • accelerate the development of the crypto browser for all major platforms;
  • expand its VPN network and protocol;
  • increase the marketing efforts.

Tenta Crypto Browser – The Three Key Goals

The team behind Tenta believes in tree key trends for the future of internet, specifically: freedom from censorship, simple and effective cyber security, and trustworthy data protection. These are the principles behind Tenta crypto browser.

In the words of Adams: We help people solve these problems with a next generation browser that includes all the privacy and security tools you need built in. That includes full data encryption, built-in VPN, DNS over TLS, ad blocker, anti-tracker, HTTPS Everywhere, and more.

Also, Tenta is crypto-friendly. It supports a number of native dApps, and allows users to access several blockchain protocols and services. Some of these are for instance Metamask, RightMesh and decentralised DNS.

tenta crypto browser features

Key Features of Tenta Crypto Browser

The browser boasts a range of advanced integrated technologies that ensure online privacy and security, such as:

  • Built-in true VPN based on the OpenVPN™ protocol;
  • Built-in ad blocker;
  • Smart Incognito™ that offers advanced protection against hackers, trackers and ISPs;
  • Default private and secure browsing without the need for setup or registration;
  • Password encryption using AES-256 encryption, as well as support for fingerprint authentication on devices that offer this facility;
  • Unlocking geo-blocked sites with encrypted zones.

The Tenta crypto browser will offer a premium version in the future. This version will offer supplementary security and privacy, such as custom DNS servers, unlimited encrypted server locations, and priority for customer support services.

At the moment, the Tenta crypto browser is available for Android phones and has over 500,000 installs.