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Cryptocurrency Goes to Hollywood: “Cryptos” TV Show Starring Kevin Connolly

Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin will soon be the stars of a new TV series “Cryptos”. This is the latest project of “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly. A newcomer to the cryptocurrency world, Connolly will be working both in front of and behind the camera.

Cryptocurrency Makes Its Way into Television

In one of our previous articles, we made a list of the films featuring crypto and the blockchain. However, most of them were documentaries on the history of the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. In other situations, the reference to crypto was simply for the sake of sensationalism.

Kevin Connolly wants to take a different approach. Talking to BREAKER magazine at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami he explained: The thing that scares people about crypto is a lack of understanding. People like myself are still learning, but the curiosity is there.

Connolly also revealed that the “Cryptos” TV show – where he will be both actor and director – is still in the development phase.

“Cryptos” – a TV Show about the Average Investor in Cryptocurrency

So far, there are only basic details available about Kevin Connolly’s project. The TV show page available on IMDB states that it will be a comedy and is set to be released sometime in 2019.

Cryptos the TV show poster

However, according to the synopsis available on the official site, the show will be about five friends who are fighting in the highly competitive movie industry to finance their film. Being unable to access traditional funding sources, they turn to the blockchain ecosystem. They create a decentralised film studio and launch their own token. Their actions go beyond ensuring funding for their movies – they challenge the entire filmmaking system.

A Project Supported By Cryptocurrecy Enthusiasts

“Cryptos” will benefit from assistance by two film industry professionals who are also supporters of the blockchain technology. The two producers of the TV series are Jason King and Erik Sords.

King is the co-founder of the Academy School of Blockchain, an institution which used a token launch to raise funds. He is also founder of two of the world’s first cryptocurrency-based charities. Sords is actively participating in the cryptocurrency startup world. He also founded the Dionysia film studio in Los Angeles, the world’s first decentralised global studio, as he describes it. Thus, the subject of the “Cryptos” TV show is actually inspired by real life events and people.

For Kevin Connolly, this is the essence of filmmaking: These guys [Sords and King] want to bring [cryptocurrency] to the mainstream for the better of cryptocurrency. I’m just the filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and exploring cool characters. For me, it’s about relationships and friendships. That’s what people tune in to see, he told BREAKER magazine.

Aside from them, Steve Wong and George Shamieh also play their part in the project, both as producers.

A Paradigm Shift for Crypto and the Blockchain?

“Cryptos” TV show may represent a turning point for the way the society perceives cryptocurrencies. Film and television are powerful mediums for popularising new concepts and ideas. So far, Hollywood has paid little attention to the blockchain phenomenon.

The few attempts at portraying the use of cryptocurrency followed the (thankfully) outdated misconception that it is a means of payment used by criminals and drug lords. “Cryptos” will hopefully show the true face of real life investors: people who are not happy with the traditional financial system and think outside the box to find a solution.

When launched, “Cryptos” will also be available on the most popular streaming services, Netflix and Amazon Prime.