There are many people who learned some new skill with the Dummies series of books. This year, the series will add four crypto books to its list of titles. So far, one of the books is already available. But you won’t have to wait very long for the others: the last title in the series will be available in late summer.

Crypto and Blockchain Books for Dummies

What makes the Dummies books so popular among readers of all ages is their specific format. They are very easy to read and provide clear and practical examples. Thus, these books are ideal as the first source of information for anyone who wants to learn something new.

In this context, it is quite natural to add crypto books to the series. For some time now, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been a regular topic for discussion and news stories. But many people are still not sure exactly what they are. Since they relate to an abstract, cyber world, people find it hard to visualise and understand how it all works.

This is why we really needed a Dummies series of crypto books. Let’s take a closer look at what the four titles offer their readers.

1. Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies by Kiana Danial

The first title in the crypto book series is already available. Launched on the 6th of March, you can buy it on Wiley, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores. Its author, Kiana Danial, is the CEO of Invest Diva. She is also a reputable expert in personal investments and wealth management.

In the book, she covers the most important points related to cryptocurrencies and the new digital financial world. Through her explanations and guidance, the readers will learn:

  • The pros and cons of the top 200 cryptocurrencies;
  • How to make money from trading and investing in digital currencies;
  • To navigate through moments of market volatility with confidence.

Also, the book discusses the reasons for market volatility – mainly, the changing regulatory environment. However, the author believes that the crypto market will continue to grow, as it’s predicted to reach a value of US$1 trillion this year.

2. Ethereum for Dummies by Michael G. Solomon

Ethereum is one of the fastest growing applications of blockchain technology. Thus, it makes sense to include it in the list of crypto books in the Dummies series. Ether is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, after all.

And the author, Michael G. Solomon, a thought leader in the blockchain community, attempts to make everyone familiar with this phenomenon. The book explains in detail:

  • What Ethereum is and how it works;
  • How to build smart contracts and create dApps;
  • How to use Ethereum for cyber security, transactions and investments.

You don’t have to wait a long time to learn everything about Ethereum. The second title in the crypto books series will be launched on the 23rd of April.

3. Blockchain for Dummies, 2nd edition, by Tiana Laurence

Just one week after the release of Ethereum for Dummies, the third title in the crypto books will be available in bookstores. However, while the other titles are premieres, Blockchain for Dummies, by Tiana Laurence, has reached the second edition.

This revised edition will include all the basic information about blockchain, such as what blockchain is and how it works. But, it will also explain things like:

  • How blockchain records data across independent networks in a secure manner;
  • In which way blockchain solutions affect finance, supply chain, and even governments;  
  • How to test blockchain apps.

Also, the book presents the best known blockchains in the world, including those behind Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies.

4. Cryptocurrency Mining for Dummies by Peter Kent and Matt Millen

The 21st century miner does not need a lamp and a pick, but a computer and various software tools. We are talking about cryptocurrency mining, of course. And the fourth title in the crypto books to be published this year will teach you how to become that  miner.

So, this book, which will be available in late summer 2019, focuses on:

  • What tech tools you need for crypto mining;
  • How to select the best cryptocurrency to maximise your return on investment;
  • How to apply smart strategies to keep winning;
  • Where to look for accurate cryptocurrency values.