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How Amy-Rose Goodey is Taking the Crypto World by Storm

In this instalment of Women in Crypto, we had the pleasure of chatting to crypto extraordinaire and vibrant podcast host Amy-Rose Goodey.

As a mother, an educator and a tech expert, Amy-Rose is an incredible advocate and role model for women in the crypto space.

Getting in the world of crypto

Having just dropped her two young kids off at school when I called, Amy-Rose sat down to talk all things crypto from her sunny Brisbane home. A passionate, animated and an incredibly warm individual, Amy-Rose has the ability to make it feel like you’ve known her forever. The conversation quickly felt like something between two friends, as we journeyed into her entrance in the crypto industry.

“I got involved because my partner and I had a flooring business and we had to invest the money from the business somewhere. My background was in tech and I had done some research and decided to put the money into crypto.”

Not the answer you usually expect about getting into crypto. Amy-Rose’s path to crypto proves just as fascinating and intriguing as she is herself. Now, Amy-Rose co-hosts the Crypto Clothesline podcast, runs an education platform to help people adjust to the tech landscape and advocates for women in the crypto space.

I’m pretty pumped. Imagine being at the beginning of the internet and buying a share in Google. I’m pretty pumped about that.

The darker side of crypto

It soon became apparent how determined Amy-Rose is to promote greater female inclusion in the industry. Speaking of her own experience navigating the “boys-club culture”, Amy-Rose now works to make the industry more inclusive.

Amy-Rose explained. The infamous “bitcoin bros” of the industry are notorious for wild parties and questionable behaviour. From conferences held in strip clubs to wild boat parties with Snoop Dog, this culture is something many women, including Amy-Rose have unfortunately been subjected to.

Sometimes, this culture is less noticeable but equally as damaging Amy-Rose explains.

It can look like “assumptions” that women are less knowledgeable because of their gender. Or even a room filled with “surprise” when a woman stands up to speak at a crypto conference. It can also look like 1 female attendee for every 6 men at crypto Meetups, as Amy-Rose explains.

“When you walk into a meetup, statistically there’s 3 out of 18 women there.”

It’s a man’s world — but it doesn’t have to be

It’s one thing to outline the problems in an industry like crypto. It’s another thing to actually take a stand and do something about it.

And that’s exactly what Amy-Rose is doing. Running the Crypto Clothesline podcast with Abheeti Kathryn Pass, Amy-Rose serves as a role model for women wanting to enter the industry. The podcast highlights key women in the industry and encourages greater female participation in the space.

“[the podcast] is to educate on all the projects in the space and to highlight the women. It is to make sure women are aware they can get involved — to realise it’s not scary.”

Her passion to support women in crypto even extends to her personal life. Fuelling her young daughter’s new love for blockchain, tech and crypto, Amy-Rose beams great pride for her daughter’s future as a woman in crypto.

Education for the future economy

Women are not only the group that Amy-Rose advocates for. Also the founder of Future Blackboard, Amy-Rose is working hard to educate others to prepare for the digital age. This program protects others from some of the consequences of blockchain technology — that being job automation.

“I’ve created a platform for those whose jobs will become redundant and to upskill them on technology including crypto and blockchain.”

High hopes for women in crypto

The hurdles Amy-Rose has faced in the crypto industry have not dampened her hopes for women one bit. If anything, it has strengthened her ambition to make sure that women are an integral part of crypto’s future.

“I have high hopes because girls are getting involved and girls are tough.”

And if Amy-Rose has anything to do with it, the future of women in crypto will no doubt be bright.  With a leader like Amy-Rose, we’re very excited and hopeful for women entering the crypto industry.

If you want to keep up with Amy-Rose, you can follow the Crypto Clothesline Podcast and even support their Patreon page.

You can also follow Amy-Rose on the Crypto Clothesline Medium and Crypto Clothesline Twitter.

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