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SpendHer Founder Skye Dunworth Celebrates the Opportunity for Women in Crypto

This week for our second installment of Women in Crypto, we speak to local crypto expert Skye Dunworth. Founder of the investment platform Spendher, Skye has a mission to empower women through financial literacy.

Skye has an impressive background in computer science, consulting, law and business and has worked in some of Australia’s top investment firms.

Skye is certainly one to watch in Australia’s financial scene and a wonderful person Bitcoin Australia had the pleasure of speaking with.

Entering the World of Crypto

It’s a muggy Melbourne afternoon and we’re chatting to Skye Dunworth, founder and CEO of the platform Spendher. Generously giving up her time between running a tech company and commitments within the financial industry, Skye spoke to us about all things crypto.

“I got into the crypto space by actually buying some crypto”, Skye explains. “My brother had been running a crypto company in San Fran and the men in my family had already been investing in crypto. So I bought some myself”.

A very logical entrance in the crypto space for a former computer science student and financial consultant. However, as Skye pointed out, her experience at first in the industry was impacted by her status as a woman.

“As a female, I wasn’t really involved in the conversation.”

This experience would later form the foundation for her mission at Spendher.

Financial Literacy for Those Who Need it

Frustrated with the lack of financial advice for women, Skye set out to create what would become the financial platform, Spendher.

“I’m trying to empower women through crypto. Crypto is the fastest growing asset of our time and females miss out. My mission is make it as accessible to them in every way in order to empower them financially. “

Spendher is best described as an exchange, a wallet and an education platform all in the one. It embodies her mission of providing financial literacy for women and promotes female engagement with the crypto space.

This is not the only way Skye fulfils her mission, with regular participation in the Australian financial scene.

From live streams on Crypto Finder, educating the mainstream on the HODL That Thought Podcast, lecturing for Crypto Blackboard, delivering speeches at the Blockchain Economic Forum and running crypto Meet Ups Skye is using her knowledge and passion to make crypto more accessible to the wider public.

Skye Dunworth speaking on Crypto Finder
Skye Dunworth sharing her expertise on HODL That Thought Podcast


An Opportunity Like Never Before

So how does Skye see the future of crypto? And, more importantly, what are the opportunities on offer for women in this new industry?

Brimming with excitement and enthusiasm, Skye sees this future as very bright. She also sees this as a future where women can play a key role.

“The opportunity for women to become financially independent through this new technology is just mind blowing. I’m so excited about it.”

Skye also offers a unique and inspiring perspective on the chance for women to enter not only crypto but the tech industry as a whole.

For Skye, “Being a woman in tech has always worked in my favour – you have an automatic niche”. This is now becoming more important, as tech jobs continue to rise.

“A lot of the jobs are going to be tech jobs – so we need to get young girls into it. The young girls in school. That’s the hard bit. “

It seems like the future offered by the crypto community is something women just can’t afford to miss. The blockchain job market alone is expected to grow to $2.2billion by 2021. This is an opportunity for women to be a part of a wider societal change, according to Skye.

“Because blockchain is so pervasive – money, government, society, how people work – we can be a part of the reshaping of this. And if we’re involved from the evolution stage, the opportunity is huge [for women].”

With her drive, ambition and incredible knowledge on the industry, it seems like Spendher is only the beginning for Skye.

Spendher Logo

And for the women looking to get into crypto, it’s hard to find a better, more dedicated role model than Skye to lead the way.

“For women, because there’s less of us, it is quite advantageous. Only because I’ve seen it that way”

To keep up with Skye, you can follow her on LinkedIn, Instagram or download the Spendher App.

You can also check out the Spendher website for more info.

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