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Pundi X Makes World’s First Blockchain Phone Call

Crypto firm Pundi X made history yesterday after completing the world’s first blockchain phone call.

Coin Rivet reported that the call, made between Punxi X team members, was a success.

Best known for their NPXS token and XPOS point-of-sale devices, Pundi X made the call during the launch of firm’s XPhone. In addition to the device, Pundi X debuted a new blockchain-based operating system called Function X.

In a letter to investors and attendees, Pundi X co-founder and CTO Pitt Huang released this statement:

“This morning during day two of the XBlockchain summit at the Inaya Putri Bali, we had a public demonstration and made the world’s first blockchain phone call on our latest device, the XPhone.”

Much like the blockchain technology it relies upon, XPhone is extremely secure and private. Users can make phone calls and send messages via blockchain nodes. This process removes the need for phone numbers and other identifiers.

While Mr. Huang and co-founder Zac Cheah believe their latest invention could solve the scalability issue, for now the phone remains off market. More information about the product will be released in the next week.

The XPhone will be in competition with several models by international telecommunications giants such as HTC. In September 2018, reported the expected release of the HTC Exodus before the year is through.

Like Mr. Huang and Mr. Cheah, HTC sees a large potential market for secure personal communication devices. Speaking with reporters, HTC’s decentralised chief officer Phil Chen was optimistic about the future:

“A few years down the road we see a world where people own their own identities and data, where everyone understands the concept and economics of digital property.”

Since news broke of the XPhone debut, Pundi X’s NPXS token has seen a 10% buying surge, with market capitalisation of approximately $165 million.