Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have an increasingly stronger impact on the financial industry. But where exactly is this heading? And to what extent will blockchain transform financial markets and consumer behaviour? This is one of the key questions that participants at the ON:chain19 conference will try to answer.

A Roster of Top Specialists and Thought Leaders

The small-scale conference will have only around 500 guests, representing various stakeholders in both the financial and blockchain world. Among them are investment professionals, entrepreneurs, C-suite and thought leaders, academics, regulators and public policy influencers. All of them transforming the blockchain space in one way or another.

For example, some of the top personalities who confirmed their presence at the conference are:

  • Hester Peirce, SEC commissioner;
  • Mike Cagney, Founder of Figure Technologies;
  • Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celcius Network;
  • William Healy, President of Pantera Capital;
  • Rahila Zafar, Managing Director of ConsenSys.

ON:chain19 is shaping up to be one of the most compelling new events in finance and blockchain this year. The calibre of our speakers is a hearty confirmation that the issues and opportunities that we will be discussing at ON:chain this year are incredibly important, said the chair of the conference and FinTech regulatory expert Timothy Spangler, about the prestigious list of speakers.

ON:chain19 – Covering Key Topics on Blockchain and Finance

This year, the participants will discuss important topics that need answers in the context of more institutions being ready to adopt blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For instance, they will attempt to explain why blockchain and crypto are so transformative and tackle the topic of financial inclusion of the unbanked. Regulatory challenges – one of the most sensitive topics in the financial and crypto world – are of course on the list as well. They will share with the audience the main concerns the industry has and ways to address them.

Other speakers will talk about the power of blockchain, digital assets, and innovating financial markets. Interesting topics include understanding the relationship between millennials and cryptocurrencies, as well as emphasizing the role of women in blockchain. Discussions will also cover investment opportunities and the internet of value.

Who Should Attend ON:chain19?

The organisers state that anyone who is interested in adopting blockchain and wants to become a disruptor in their field of activity should be present at the conference. Moreover, the conference is also targeting young disruptors looking to use blockchain. Specifically, they are inviting students and younger people not older than 23 to apply for a limited number of tickets.

To be eligible for one of these tickets, the applicants should “have something unique and amazing to add to our discussions” according to the conference website. For the rest of the participants, ticket prices vary between US$637.10 and US$934.15.

ON:chain19 will take place on May 23 at Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach, CA.