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Dash Text Launches in Venezuela enabling cryptocurrency payments via SMS

Hands make a shape of a heart around a bitcoin, painted with the colours of Venezuela's national flag.

Venezuela is making headlines this week following the release of Dash Text, an SMS-based cryptocurrency service. This is part of the Dash cryptocurrency, which is expanding to help those in dire need.

This new service has the potential to make the booming crypto market more accessible to those without internet access or smartphones. Bradley Zastrow, global head of business development at Dash Core, believes the service will bring people together.

Australian Travel Company Invites Steve Wozniak to Enjoy Crypto Holiday

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Steve Wozniak is generally seen as a visionary, the pioneer of personal computers. Naturally, his appetite for new technologies and new possibilities has remained unchanged. So, it’s no surprise that Steve is a crypto and blockchain supporter.

Bitcoin is the Real Winner of US Midterms

California's governor-elect Gavin Newsome celebrates with his wife, superimposed onto an American flag.

Mainstream news groups are fixated on the ‘blue wave’ sweeping America during last night’s midterm elections. But here at Bitcoin Australia, we’re more interested in the flood of support for pro-cryptocurrency politicians.

Bitly Under Fire for Blocking a Crypto Link in Andreas Antonopoulos’ Book

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos, the well-known crypto expert and author, was briefly at war with Bitly. He received a notice from one of his Twitter followers that the link shortener service blocked one of the links in his book.

Canadian University Schooled by Crypto Hackers

Hacker holding laptop with bitcoin icons on the screen.

St Francis Xavier University in Canada recently came under attack by hackers, forcing a week-long network shutdown on campus.

The hack began on November 1st, according to broadcaster GlobalNews.ca. Malware took over the network as so-called ‘cryptojackers’ used the school’s electricity and hardware to illegally mine cryptocurrencies.

5 Must-Read Books to Understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

bitcoin with books in the background

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is expanding and going mainstream. A few years ago, it was the topic of discussion of a small community. Today, the crypto world is slowly but surely becoming a part of the world we all live in. Blockchain technology becomes a part of many leading industries. And cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, become accepted forms of payment by an increasing number of merchants.

In this context, many people want to learn more about the concept, the history and the potential future uses of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They want to have at least a basic knowledge of what these concepts are and how they work.

Melbourne Cup Punters Betting on Bitcoin

A horse jumps over an artist rendering of a bitcoin.

As Australians dust off their fancy hats and seersucker suits for the Melbourne Cup, betting regulators won’t be having any fun in the sun.

Like years past, the Aussie racing season draws a host of international punters keen to try their luck. But this year something is different.

A Day in the Life of Blockchain and Crypto Expert Teresa Truda

Teresa Truda standing infront of a red brick wall

For the fourth instalment of Women in Crypto we chat to blockchain expert, businesswoman and tech-wizard, Teresa Truda.

We discuss how to thrive in the blockchain industry and discover where her journey into the industry began.

Making Headlines: Bitcoin Price and Market Psychology

bitcoin news room tv screens

Bitcoin is at heart a decentralised peer-2-peer currency. There is no company behind Bitcoin. There is no single face behind Bitcoin. Bitcoin relies on the community to report on and cover Bitcoin News, because without it, no one could know what is going on!

Pants On Fire? Researchers Claim Bitcoin Causes Global Warming

A city in flames with dried earth in the foreground.

As Bitcoin implementation heats up, will the global climate do the same? Researchers at the University of Hawaii want to know.

According to a university study published in Nature Magazine on October 29th, Bitcoin mining and trading emissions will increase the global temperature by 2° C by 2040.