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Korean Crypto Exchanges Now Liable for Some Customers’ Financial Losses


There is some risk in crypto. That comes in terms of financial risk as well as security risks. Cryptocurrencies are very secure for individuals to use but advanced hackers can sometimes breech exchanges. Further, software problems at the exchanges can cause problems for some users. These events are rare and they aren’t unique to cryptocurrencies but they are scary for some.

Shop Online and Get Free Bitcoin with Lolli

shop online get free bitcoin lolli

Do you shop online? Are you interested in crypto? What if, online retailers gave you Bitcoin when you shopped online? It turns out that there’s at least one that does, and it’s called Lolli.

Samsung Could Be Planning Crypto Wallet Integration in Samsung Pay

samsung crypto wallet integration samsung pay

A recent internal transfer within Samsung Electronics seems to indicate that the company wants to integrate its crypto wallet into Samsung Pay.

Unstoppable Domains Raises US$4 Million in Series A for Censorship Free Blockchain Domains

censorship free blockchain domains unstoppable domains

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain company that aims to offer internet domains that can’t be censored. Their mission is now one step closer to reality with the successful completion of Series A investment round. The investors, led by Tim Draper’s Draper Associates, will inject US$4 million into Unstoppable Domains.

New Online Cryptocurrency Marketplace BitLift Launched

bitlift online cryptocurrency shopping centre

One of the barriers to large-scale cryptocurrency adoption is that crypto can be fairly difficult to spend on everyday items. This is also annoying to those people who have cryptocurrency because they want to spend it rather than treat it like an investment.

Chief Economist at the Bank of England Says Bitcoin Could Replace Cash

A five British pounds banknote with a golden plastic debit card Master Card and a metallic Bitcoin coin duplicate on a wooden surface. The representation of three generations of money: paper, electronic / plastic and digital.

Andrew Haldane, Bank of England’s (BoE) chief economist, shared a surprising personal opinion after giving a talk at one UK college. While answering various questions from the audience, he said that Bitcoin could replace cash. This was first shared in a Reddit thread started by a student who attended Haldane’s talk.

Flexa: The Platform for Everyday Cryptocurrency Purchases

flexa - platform for everyday cryptocurrency purchases

One of the biggest obstacles to cryptocurrency adoption is the fact that not too many retailers currently accept it. Crypto enthusiasts dream of a world where crypto is used more as a currency and less as an investment. Unfortunately, there are barriers for businesses that would otherwise adopt crypto. These include a steep learning curve and hardware expenses.

Argo Blockchain and HIVE Blockchain Partner to Create the Largest B2B Mining Service

blockchain concept

The “world’s largest” crypto mining service for business-to-business companies will be available in the near future. This ambitious project is the scope of a recent strategic partnership between Argo Blockchain and HIVE Blockchain. The two companies have entered into conditional heads of terms. Thus, no money will be exchanged in the transaction. Instead, the companies will swap shares between each other.

Germany Plans to Regulate Blockchain Bonds as Early as This Summer

germany plans to regulate blockchain bonds this summer

Germany is one of the leading economies in the European Union. Now, it wants to become the hotspot for blockchain companies and token trading. According to a local newspaper Handelsblatt, the ruling coalition government of the country plans to adopt clear regulations for tokens. This will happen as early as this summer.

Bitcoin Rallies During US-China Trade War

Two gold bitcoins lie on the green surface with a display in the background.

Stocks tumbled earlier this week as the US-China trade war escalated again. Meanwhile, Bitcoin continued the climb that started earlier this spring. CNBC initially made the connection and suggested causality.