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Rebuilding Notre Dame with Cryptocurrency

Notre Dame and Bitcoin

A fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last week gutted much of the structure and caused significant damage. However, the stone work and most of the priceless stained glass is largely intact. French President Emmanuel Macron has said that the iconic structure will be completely renovated within five years. However, cost estimates of that renovation vary. All of them are high.

UK’s Corporate Traveller Starts Accepting Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have taken one more step into the business world. SME business travellers in the UK have a new means of payment for airfare and accommodation: Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. This is possible thanks to a recent partnership between Corporate Traveller and BitPay.

Opera Reborn 3 – the First Major Browser with Built-In Crypto Wallet

Opera browser crypto wallet

Browsing and checking your crypto wallet might be easier once you install Opera Reborn 3. The latest version of the browser incorporates all the latest technologies you need to keep your digital world under control: Web 3, free VPN and a crypto wallet.

Bitcoin Institutional Trading Experiences a Steady Growth According to Diar Report

Image of a golden bitcoin standing on a floor with blurred cityscape in the background

Institutional Bitcoin investment products trading is on a constant growing path since the beginning of the year, according to a weekly crypto analysis newsletter, Diar. To illustrate their findings, the editors published a chart that shows this type of trading for the last year and 3 months. In this way we can observe the evolution of Bitcoin trading at institutional level in a larger time frame context.

ON:chain19: A Top Blockchain Event to Add to Your Agenda

ON:chain19: A Top Blockchain Event to Add to Your Agenda

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have an increasingly stronger impact on the financial industry. But where exactly is this heading? And to what extent will blockchain transform financial markets and consumer behaviour? This is one of the key questions that participants at the ON:chain19 conference will try to answer.

Bitcoin Price Goes 20% Up as a Result of Massive Order by Mystery Investor

bitcoin chart

After nearly half a year of little variation in prices, Bitcoin has suddenly surged to US$5,000 on 2 April. This represents a 20% increase in a matter of hours. And the reason behind this price increase is a massive order for Bitcoin placed by a mystery investor.

Bitcoin Highlights from Recent Tim Draper’s AMA


Venture capitalist and cryptocurrency influencer, Tim Draper, recently sat down to do an Ask Me Anything. Draper answered questions related to startups, venture capital, the media, and of course Bitcoin.

Facebook Finally to Enter Cryptocurrency?

hand showing thumbs up, symbolising Facebook, with cryptocurrency symbols around it

For the last couple of years, internet users have been gradually waking up to concerns about their privacy. Many are skeptical of social media in general, with Facebook under particular scrutiny for use and misuse of users’ data.

Dummies Brings Four New Crypto Books This Year

cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum ripple

There are many people who learned some new skill with the Dummies series of books. This year, the series will add four crypto books to its list of titles. So far, one of the books is already available. But you won’t have to wait very long for the others: the last title in the series will be available in late summer.

One of the World’s Most Important Cryptocurrency Conferences Is Coming to Berlin

Unchain cryptocurrency conference Berlin 2019

UNCHAIN is one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences in the world and it’s coming to Berlin, Germany. It’s also one of the smallest. With a 500 attendee limit, chances are you won’t be getting in. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention. On the contrary, it means that you should. Those 500 members are the founders and CEOs of the cryptocurrency organisations that are remaking the world.