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Nigel Green: Cryptocurrency Could Save the UK’s Post-Brexit Economy

The flags of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the European Union, along with physical representation of cryptocurrency.

Nigel Green, CEO of financial advisory firm deVere Group, recently said that cryptocurrency could save the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit economy.

Singapore Releases Draft of Cryptocurrency Tax Document

singapore draft cryptocurrency tax document

One of the potential barriers to large-scale cryptocurrency adoption has to do with how governments respond to it. However, governments have been slow to draft documents dealing with crypto. While the decentralised and private nature of crypto makes it difficult for countries to criminalise it, some have done so. Other countries released documents or drafts of documents relating to crypto regulation and taxation. Singapore is now the most recent of those countries.

Bitcoin: The Halving (Volume 3)

bitcoin halving

Bitcoin is scheduled to halve next year. If you’re new to the scene, that might sound scary as you may have heard the prices will go up. However, if you’ve been around a little longer, you’ve already been through one or even two halvings before. After all, unlike forks, halvings are supposed to happen rather than allowed to happen. That doesn’t mean that halvings don’t change things.

Have You Met the Bitcoin Family?

the bitcoin family

You may have heard of them: The Bitcoin Family. These rolling stones have been gathering quite a lot of press attention since they hit the road three years ago. But, who are they?

The Bit Bus: The Crypto Way of Travelling To Bitcoin 2019 Conference

image of bitcoin coin over an image with people on the bus

A group of crypto enthusiasts decided to travel to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in an interesting way. And while en route, to also raise awareness about the topic. They chartered a bus and named it the Crypto Bit Bus. A luxury bus with 50 seats departs Los Angeles today, June 24. On their way to San Francisco, the group will talk crypto, network, create some content, do some livestreams and get to know each other better. The bus will take the participants to the conference in San Francisco, to a special night out and then back to LA.

Korean Crypto Exchanges Now Liable for Some Customers’ Financial Losses


There is some risk in crypto. That comes in terms of financial risk as well as security risks. Cryptocurrencies are very secure for individuals to use but advanced hackers can sometimes breech exchanges. Further, software problems at the exchanges can cause problems for some users. These events are rare and they aren’t unique to cryptocurrencies but they are scary for some.

Shop Online and Get Free Bitcoin with Lolli

shop online get free bitcoin lolli

Do you shop online? Are you interested in crypto? What if, online retailers gave you Bitcoin when you shopped online? It turns out that there’s at least one that does, and it’s called Lolli.

Samsung Could Be Planning Crypto Wallet Integration in Samsung Pay

samsung crypto wallet integration samsung pay

A recent internal transfer within Samsung Electronics seems to indicate that the company wants to integrate its crypto wallet into Samsung Pay.

Unstoppable Domains Raises US$4 Million in Series A for Censorship Free Blockchain Domains

censorship free blockchain domains unstoppable domains

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain company that aims to offer internet domains that can’t be censored. Their mission is now one step closer to reality with the successful completion of Series A investment round. The investors, led by Tim Draper’s Draper Associates, will inject US$4 million into Unstoppable Domains.

New Online Cryptocurrency Marketplace BitLift Launched

bitlift online cryptocurrency shopping centre

One of the barriers to large-scale cryptocurrency adoption is that crypto can be fairly difficult to spend on everyday items. This is also annoying to those people who have cryptocurrency because they want to spend it rather than treat it like an investment.