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Cryptic Quote from Bitcoin Creator Prompts Theories of a “Kill Switch”

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A rumor has recently been spreading through cryptocurrency circles online that the creator(s) of Bitcoin included a kill switch. It’s certainly something to think about but there is a lot of uncertainty. For one thing, while the story has only blown up in the last few days, the quote has been around for a while.

The First European Blockchain ETF Is Now Active on the London Stock Exchange

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While crypto enthusiasts still have to wait on the approval of the first Bitcoin ETF, they can now invest in a new blockchain ETF. This breakthrough in the timeline of digital assets is possible thanks to the joint efforts of two asset management companies. The partners in this project are Invesco from the United States and London-based Elwood Asset Management. They launched their blockchain ETF on 11 March and it is now active on the London Stock Exchange.

VaultTel App and Chip Allow Cryptocurrency Owners to Store Their Keys on Mobile Phone

vaultTel app and chip cryptocurrency store keys mobile phone

Your smartphone may be the safest place to store your cryptocurrency keys. According to VaultTel, their newly launched app and chip combo turn any mobile phone into a safe crypto wallet. Their proprietary technology works both for Android and iOS phones. Thus, crypto investors do not have to carry extra devices with them in order to check their funds and authorise transactions.

IDC Spending Guide Forecasts $2.9 Billion Spending on Blockchain Solutions in 2019

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This year will see a tremendous increase in global spending for blockchain solutions. The latest Spending Guide prepared by International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts a total spending of almost US$2.9 billion worldwide. This would represent over 90% increase from last year, when the total spending on blockchain reached US$1.5 billion.

Crypto Mystery Takes a Darker Turn: Cold Wallets Left Behind by Deceased Bitcoin Exchange Owner Are Found Empty

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What happens when the sole person in charge of a Bitcoin exchange suddenly dies? There should be a backup person that knows the passwords and allows the customers to get their funds back. Unfortunately, that was not the case of Quadriga – the largest crypto exchange in Canada. When its owner suddenly died back in December, he took the access passwords to the grave with him.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Blockchain (and Potentially Crypto)–Friendly

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung recently announced the newest model in it’s flagship “S” series with much fanfare. As is to be expected, the company talks loudly about improvements to the new phone. Those include enhanced display, improved cameras, wireless power sharing, faster internet, and more security. There’s a lot to be excited about. However, Samsung leaves out huge markets by not better branding the phone for the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. The S10 actually has huge promise to be one of the first mobiles to really dedicate itself to blockchain technology. This, however, is barely mentioned by the company.

What the Ethereum Hard Fork Means

ethereum hard fork upgrade

Ethereum underwent a hard fork as a result of a recent upgrade. Lets take a look at what that means.

Billionaire Bitcoin Enthusiast Tim Draper Believes Crypto Will Rule in 5 Years

Tim Draper talks about Bitcoin and blockchain - Fox Business interview

Everyone will buy coffee with Bitcoin in two years. And five years from now, only criminals will use cash. Billionaire investor Tim Draper made these bold predictions in a recent interview on Fox Business. A Bitcoin enthusiast, Draper feels that his investments in crypto are safer than the money kept in banks. He urged everyone to start investing in cryptocurrencies little by little, before they become the main form of payment.

Venezuelan Economist Writes about How Bitcoin Saved His Family

Bitcoin over Venezuelan currency bolívar

Venezuelan economist, Carlos Hernández, wrote an op-ed about the importance of cryptocurrency in a volatile economy. The article, published in the New York Times this weekend, was based on his personal experiences.

Andreas Antonopoulos on the Future of Crypto as a Global Currency

Andreas Antonopoulos Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos, a leading expert on cryptocurrencies, gave a talk that some are calling ‘The State of the Crypto Industry’. Though only recently uploaded, the talk is actually a few years old. While some specific examples seem dated, much of the content is more pertinent now than ever.