Businessman holding Bitcoin between fingers symbolising institutional investment in cryptocurrencies

New Report Sheds Light on Institutional Investment in Cryptocurrencies

We’ve known for a while that institutional investors like banks and investment firms were looking at cryptocurrencies. Some people even think that this move may have contributed to pulling cryptocurrencies…

temtum new cryptocurrency

Temtum Cryptocurrency Launches – Without Royal Mint

A new cryptocurrency called temtum (TEM) has just launched. Its developers call it the fastest, most advanced, and most secure cryptocurrency ever. The launch is partially clouded by denials of…

The flags of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the European Union, along with physical representation of cryptocurrency.

Nigel Green: Cryptocurrency Could Save the UK’s Post-Brexit Economy

Nigel Green, CEO of financial advisory firm deVere Group, recently said that cryptocurrency could save the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit economy.

singapore draft cryptocurrency tax document

Singapore Releases Draft of Cryptocurrency Tax Document

One of the potential barriers to large-scale cryptocurrency adoption has to do with how governments respond to it. However, governments have been slow to draft documents dealing with crypto. While…

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