Crypto is a form of currency but it’s also a way of life. Zealots put the logo of their favourite coin on clothing, wall art, and anything a sticker will cling to.

However, there haven’t been many crypto energy drinks until recently.

Crypto Energy Drink

Based in Poland, Crypto Energy Drink is widely available throughout Europe and the UK. It’s available in some shops but it can also be ordered online.

They accept Bitcoin, along with three different fiats. Namely, euro, pound sterling, and Polish złoty. A 24 pack costs £15.

crypto energy drink

Right now, there’s only one flavour, HODL Premium, with the Bitcoin logo dominating the can. The site doesn’t say what flavour it is, and the two reviews, while positive, don’t give it away. Users on a Reddit thread say it tastes like Red Bull.

That makes sense. From the ingredients perspective, it’s a pretty standard energy drink with caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins.

It’s currently unclear whether the company plans to make more flavours, possibly in cans bearing the logos of altcoins.

The makers of this also quench your thirst for knowledge. Other than the product page and an order page, the site has links devoted to currency news and exchanges.

Bitcoin Energy Drink

Crypto Energy Drink, however, isn’t the only option out there. There’s also Bitcoin Energy Drink.

bitcoin energy drink

Based in Arizona, USA, the company accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. That is, when their product is available. It’s currently listed as sold out.

Bitcoin Energy Drink has a tropical citrus flavour and includes ingredients like green tea, aloe, and mangosteen.

The Smart Crypto Cafe

It could be that Bitcoin Energy Drink is always sold out because they supply the Smart Crypto Cafe. The store hasn’t been open for long and updating the website is an ongoing process. That doesn’t mean that it is unusable or unimpressive. On the contrary, it’s exciting.

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, the cafe is dedicated to serving the digital currency community. The cafe also hosts community events and houses crypto ATMs. The site also links to their prefered ledgers and exchanges. There’s also a page for a blog that hasn’t been flushed out yet.

The idea is particularly thrilling to those familiar with the history and ethos of the coffee house as a meeting place. The earliest coffee houses in France were a place where people would meet and talk about society and politics. In many ways, this atmosphere is maintained in the modern coffee house.

At first glance, the idea of crypto energy drinks seems a little ridiculous and gimmicky. However, when viewed as an indicator of enthusiasm and possibly adoption, it becomes much more important.