The internet is full of educational content when it comes to Bitcoin. From news sites to blogs and articles on markets and speculation.

The internet, especially social media, is also a great place for individual stories of Bitcoin success stories and learning opportunities. Here, we’ve found some of our favourites from around the web.

Unlike proper news stories, it can be hard to verify personal tales. As a result, we’ve chosen stories that seem plausible but that we can’t necessarily verify. After all, you can’t always believe what you read online.

A New Investor

Our first story comes from the Bitcoin subreddit where Sonny615 posted his story, “Finding a Positive in Negative”.

The story starts with Sonny615 losing his job. He never specifies what it was, but it’s implied that he may have worked in finance or markets.

With a newborn son and a mortgage to worry about, Sonny615 was looking for a way to make money. He was also looking for something to do with his free time between jobs.

A few months ago, I finally took on the challenge of learning something new and boy, did I go down the rabbit hole fast, Sonny615 wrote. …I think I decided to buy Bitcoin when it was around $4k. I made my first purchase when it was [around] $5k.

Sonny615 is vague with dates but “a couple of months ago” when Bitcoin was “around $4k” sounds a lot like late March. That lines up because Bitcoin hit “around $5k” for the first time this year in the first week of April. It is now over US$10,000, so Sonny615 has made a tidy profit on his purchase – whatever that initial purchase was.

Someone in Sonny615’s position might be tempted to sell off some of that investment – especially since the timing of the post suggests that the Redditor has been without a job for around half a year. Not Sonny615, however.

I’m looking at the long term, of course, and will do whatever I can to not reach a situation where I must sell in the near future in order to cover my family expenses, he writes at the end of the post. He is now reportedly going to conventions and looking for jobs in the industry.

The Family that HODLs Together

The next story is a bit of a deeper dive but it’s definitely worth the time. It’s the story of the Taihuttu family.

After Didi’s wife, Romaine, lost both of her parents in 2015 and 2016, the couple decided that life was too short to spend it all in the rat race. Didi and Romaine sold their business along with just about everything else in order to raise money travelling with their three daughters. Everything changed when Didi discovered Bitcoin and invested everything that they had.

Their blog takes you along on the ride as the Taihuttus travel the world on cryptocurrency. They detail what places do and don’t accept crypto, as well as what they’re up to and their attitudes toward the crypto future.

Where Nodes Come From

Our final story takes us back to Reddit for a peek at Bitcoin on the ground floor.

Most of us have a general idea of how cryptocurrency works. However, it’s the miners and node operators that really keep it all running. We might think of these people as running banks of supercomputers in bunkers somewhere. That’s not always how it works.

Redditor Mr. Sew tells his inspirational and informational story about becoming a part-time node operator.

I took one of my old computers from like 2008 and put a 1TB hard drive in it, Mr. Sew writes. …She’ll only take 4GB of RAM max.

Even so, the rig takes up so much bandwidth that Mr. Sew mainly runs it while he’s sleeping. However, as he says, he’s now officially part of the solution.

There they are. The most recent batch of great Bitcoin stories from around the internet. There are more posted all the time. The next one could be yours.