Cryptocurrency miner Josh Riddett turned £1,000 into £840,000 in his first year in business, and is on the path to becoming a millionaire.

Cryptocurrency is the future, the entrepreneur told Prolific North news. [It] is seriously disrupting conventional payment technologies avoiding swingeing bank charges for transactions like overseas payments.

Through his startup Easy Crypto Hunter, Riddett manufactures and sells crypto mining machines. Riddett plans to reach £1m turnover in his first 18 months of trading. So, how did he go from being a student to being on the path to becoming a millionaire, in just a few years?

From Zero to Hero

Based out of Manchester, Riddett has a history of making news. In 2014, he won IBM’s Business Innovation student of the Year Award. He also became a Young Entrepreneurs Ambassador for Fast Forward Growth Ltd.

But with Easy Crypto Hunter, Riddett struck gold.

He founded the company after graduating Lancaster University with a business entrepreneurship management degree.

After successfully building and selling a mining machine on eBay, he decided to buy more materials with the profits. The service proved very popular, especially following the bull run of December 2017.

The company describes itself as “the UK’s premier GPU cryptocurrency mining hardware provider” on LinkedIn, and has earned a number of followers.

Fast forward a year and Easy Crypto Hunter just picked up the Technology Business of the Year award at the Made in Bury awards in November.

Now, recent media attention has Easy Crypto Hunter getting ready for an exciting 2019.

Gearing Up for 2019

Riddett is clearly onto something, and as he told Prolific North news, he has no intention of slowing down.

I strongly believe cryptocurrency is here to stay and is set to become more popular and more mainstream as the likes of BMW, Microsoft and Expedia accept it as a form of payment.

He also recognises the potential of cryptocurrency mining and investing in mining machines as a passive form of income. Riddett claims the company has won more than 100 customers this past year because of this.

[Customers] include business owners, property companies and retirees who see cryptocurrency is growing and want to earn a passive monthly income after investing in the special computer hardware manufactured by Easy Crypto Hunter.

The company has started a recruitment drive to meet growing demand for the machines. With the recent crypto market downturn, this is a gamble.

But betting on price recovery in 2019, Riddett is playing the long game. He joins a growing number of entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and abroad making their fortunes in crypto.

These include the Williams twins from London who recently made headlines for their rags-to-riches history, as well as entrepreneurs from around the world.

Will 2018’s crypto entrepreneurs’ staggering success stories continue in 2019? Only time will tell.