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Coincast TV Episode 1

This Week in Crypto

Bitcoin developer Martii Sirius Malmi is back with a new cryptocurrency: AXE. Satoshi Nakamoto’s right hand man made headlines this week with news of a groundbreaking currency trying to decentralise the world wide web.

In other news, Brisbane-based company TravelbyBit received $100k in funding from the Queensland state government.

And in the United States, word on the street is that former Wall Street executive Will McDonough is readying to launch an iCash ICO.

Crypto Cosplay

Cosplay, a combination of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’, is an activity where people dress up like their favourite book, movie or cartoon characters. So what does this have to do with crypto?

A lot as it turns out. Coincast TV anchor Chris Masters Mah reported the launch of Cure, a cryptocurrency platform that rewards cosplayers for their outfits.

“Cosplay is exploding in popularity around the world. No one has been able to precisely quantify its market value, but it’s estimated to be between US$25 and US$50 billion,” explained Daisuke Nakagawa.

Mr. Nakagawa is the CMO at Cure, and he sees enormous potential in blockchain and cryptocurrency to solve industry problems

“[Cosplayers] face many difficulties. Most notable is getting paid for their work.”

Executive advisor Yutaro Ueno agrees. To combat the lack of reimbursement and attribution, he referred back to Cure’s mission.

“Our ICO will solve this problem by creating a copyright record keeping system on blockchain and allowing revenues to be share via smart contract.”

Moving forward, Cure could be a way for players and users to connect and get exposure to other people in the space.

A Blockchain Paradise

Welcome to Noah Resort in Zamboanga del Norte, where tourists can pay for everything with the Fililpino island’s own currency, NoahCoins.

The resort is just one of a series of projects, including an organic and sustainable farm, created by the Noah Foundation build a robust ecosystem in the Philippines.

Coincast TV spoke with resort spokesman Josef Werker to learn about the importance of Noah to the region.

“The long term vision of Noah is to create […] a Noah city in Horizon, Manila,” Werker explained.

“So participants in these projects will use NoahCoin to pay their way while also contributing to the region’s economy.”

Sounds like a good idea! But only time will tell how feasible the Noah resort really is.

Tokenising Talent

A cryptocurrency called Individual Content and Skill Tokens (ICST) is partnering with American Idol to launch a new talent search competition.

“Imagine a future where anyone can be a content creator and be able to monetise reaching out to the world with their talent,” ICST co-founder Jerry Ji Guo explained.

“With Youtube you need an established channel, but with ICST you sign up for an account to create content and get rewarded with a token.”

While it sounds promising, how will the brand-new platform drum up internet traffic? In steps StarMaker, a phone app with a user base of 16 million.

“StarMaker is a content creation platform and we are using that to leverage our existing user base,” said Emma Zhang, Managing Director at Kepler Capital.

The stage is ready, now all they need are the performers!

Australia’s First Security Token

Australia has the most transparent real estate market in the Asia Pacific region, and ranks second worldwide. But it might be about to get even clearer.

Jack Quigley is a co-founder of CrowdFundUp and a member of ACRE Assets — a start up combining blockchain and real estate.

He said that “ACRE Assets is designed to connect existing assets, like prime commercial real estate, with new age crypto investors.”

Real estate, while certainly a more traditional investment than bitcoin, is immensely profitable. In 2017, the number of Australian commercial property transactions rose 22% to reach a staggering $33 billion.

According to Derek Barlow of ACRE Assets, “the [property] asset class has been popular in the region, but our aim is to allow smaller investors to access the asset class and buy fractionalised investments.”

Sounds simple enough.

Users will be able to make small investments in commercial real estate by purchasing tokens from ACRE Assets.

Much in the same way FinTech is revolutionising how we do business, the increasing popularity of blockchain is completely transforming the commercial real estate industry.

The industry is ripe for disruption, and as Mr. Quigley told Coincast TV, “we aim to be Australia’s first security token offering an investment backed by real world assets.” Blockchain Taking Over

There are hundreds of blockchain platforms in the world today, so it takes something special to set one apart.

Coincast TV’s Heidi Cuthbert caught up with Expansion Director Jason Lee to find out how they do things differently.

“The NEM blockchain is a protocol where companies can build on our blockchain as a public blockchain.”

Mr. Lee calls it a successful out of the box solution.

Largely positive reviews from developers suggest he is correct. This is because, as Mr. Lee explained, “NEM can power both public and private blockchain networks in a very easy to use manner.”

The company made waves at the Consensus event in New York. More than 8,000 people attended workshops and seminars hosted by NEM partners.

“[The turnout at Consensus] truly represents our global reach,” the expansion director told Coincast TV.

NEM is known for hosting XEM cryptocurrency.

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