Twitter app on the smartphone screen with cryptocurrencies on the side

Can Social Media Predict the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

For years, social media has served as the writing on the wall. But, can it be used to predict the prices of...
Two gold bitcoins lie on the green surface on the background of the display, which depicts the growth of the position on the chart

Crypto Expert Tom Lee on Bitcoin: “Evidence Is Mounting That There Is a Bull...

Tom Lee, finance expert and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, has good news for Bitcoin enthusiasts. He believes that the...
cryptocurrency POS paytomat

Cryptocurrency POS Solutions from Paytomat

If you’ve ever worked in retail or food service, you’ve probably heard about Point of Sale, or POS. POS systems consist of...

The 10 Best VPNs You Can Buy with Bitcoin

If you use Bitcoin, you are probably concerned about your internet privacy. If you are concerned about your internet privacy, you probably...
Notre Dame and Bitcoin

Rebuilding Notre Dame with Cryptocurrency

A fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last week gutted much of the structure and caused significant damage. However, the...
ON:chain19: A Top Blockchain Event to Add to Your Agenda

ON:chain19: A Top Blockchain Event to Add to Your Agenda

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have an increasingly stronger impact on the financial industry. But where exactly is this heading? And to what...
bitcoin on an orange background

Cryptic Quote from Bitcoin Creator Prompts Theories of a “Kill Switch”

A rumor has recently been spreading through cryptocurrency circles online that the creator(s) of Bitcoin included a kill switch. It’s certainly something...
Tim Draper talks about Bitcoin and blockchain - Fox Business interview

Billionaire Bitcoin Enthusiast Tim Draper Believes Crypto Will Rule in 5 Years

Everyone will buy coffee with Bitcoin in two years. And five years from now, only criminals will use cash. Billionaire investor Tim Draper made...
Bitcoin over Venezuelan currency bolívar

Venezuelan Economist Writes about How Bitcoin Saved His Family

Venezuelan economist, Carlos Hernández, wrote an op-ed about the importance of cryptocurrency in a volatile economy. The article, published in the New York Times...
Andreas Antonopoulos Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos on the Future of Crypto as a Global Currency

Andreas Antonopoulos, a leading expert on cryptocurrencies, gave a talk that some are calling 'The State of the Crypto Industry'. Though only recently uploaded,...