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Over Four Fifths of the World’s Bitcoin Have Been Mined

stack of bitcoin

As a digital currency, it seems like Bitcoin would never run out. However, it won’t last forever. In fact, 85 per cent has already been mined.

Keeping the Homeless in Brazil Warm with Cryptocurrency

stack of physical bitcoin next to a globe showing Brazil - cryptocurrency project Warm Up

One of the major strengths of cryptocurrency is its transparency and decentralised nature. It’s easy to trace cryptocurrency transactions and multi-national projects can use them more conveniently than local currencies.

Hodl onto Energy with Crypto Beverages

hodl onto energy with crypto beverages

Crypto is a form of currency but it’s also a way of life. Zealots put the logo of their favourite coin on clothing, wall art, and anything a sticker will cling to.

However, there haven’t been many crypto energy drinks until recently.

Could Algorithms Forecast the Value of Crypto?

man holding smartphone and physical crypto

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Further, in part because of their decentralisation, it can be very difficult to determine what makes crypto “tick”. One theory has it that this problem could be solved by algorithms applied to social media.

New Report Sheds Light on Institutional Investment in Cryptocurrencies

Businessman holding Bitcoin between fingers symbolising institutional investment in cryptocurrencies

We’ve known for a while that institutional investors like banks and investment firms were looking at cryptocurrencies. Some people even think that this move may have contributed to pulling cryptocurrencies out of the crypto winter. However, details on what these institutional investors were actually up to were hard to find.

Temtum Cryptocurrency Launches – Without Royal Mint

temtum new cryptocurrency

A new cryptocurrency called temtum (TEM) has just launched. Its developers call it the fastest, most advanced, and most secure cryptocurrency ever. The launch is partially clouded by denials of early reports that it would be working with the UK’s Royal Mint. While temtum is not working with the Royal Mint, the cryptocurrency is live.

Nigel Green: Cryptocurrency Could Save the UK’s Post-Brexit Economy

The flags of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the European Union, along with physical representation of cryptocurrency.

Nigel Green, CEO of financial advisory firm deVere Group, recently said that cryptocurrency could save the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit economy.

Singapore Releases Draft of Cryptocurrency Tax Document

singapore draft cryptocurrency tax document

One of the potential barriers to large-scale cryptocurrency adoption has to do with how governments respond to it. However, governments have been slow to draft documents dealing with crypto. While the decentralised and private nature of crypto makes it difficult for countries to criminalise it, some have done so. Other countries released documents or drafts of documents relating to crypto regulation and taxation. Singapore is now the most recent of those countries.

Bitcoin: The Halving (Volume 3)

bitcoin halving

Bitcoin is scheduled to halve next year. If you’re new to the scene, that might sound scary as you may have heard the prices will go up. However, if you’ve been around a little longer, you’ve already been through one or even two halvings before. After all, unlike forks, halvings are supposed to happen rather than allowed to happen. That doesn’t mean that halvings don’t change things.

Have You Met the Bitcoin Family?

the bitcoin family

You may have heard of them: The Bitcoin Family. These rolling stones have been gathering quite a lot of press attention since they hit the road three years ago. But, who are they?